My Core Values

I love making jewelry for creative people. I love bringing attention to detail, transparency of process, and ethical sourcing to my work. I love helping women find their style and celebrate themselves. Receiving the gift of jewelry is lovely, but so is gifting it to yourself. I love creating designs for strong women who want to practice self-celebration. I am inspired by the power of feminine strength and creation.

My Background

I grew up in Louisiana and Arizona. I began designing at a very young age and went on to study gemology and jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America. I’ve spent the last 15+ years honing my craft while expanding my designs and gemstone collection. I set out to create timeless pieces that are as exciting today as they will be tomorrow. My designs are meant to be worn, loved and treasured for generations.

When I’m not making, I live in Los Angeles, CA with Nick and our kids, Francine and Elio.

My Designs

I feel an incredible amount of joy and ease when I am in my most fertile creative space. The way that I communicate my designs and ideas is through my drawings. Drawing has always been a form of meditation for me. Something takes over and the ideas just flow. In addition to my bespoke design work for my namesake brand, I have also had the pleasure to collaborate with other brands on developing their own collections. To view work from my professional portfolio of jewelry designs and renderings, please click here.


Behind the Scenes

I work in the heart of the jewelry district of Los Angeles, where the talent is extraordinary. While I work with CAD and make use of many of the latest technologies, for some pieces, there is simply no substitute for the handicraft of a master. I buy nearly all of my materials from local vendors and US factories and none of the labor is ever sourced outside of L.A. The downtown community is very tightly knit, and I’m very grateful to be working with -- and creating work for -- people of such dedication to their respective craft. 

Proud Member Of:

Women's Jewelry Association, GIA Alumni Association, & MJSA Professional Excellence in Jewelry Making and Design