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How the  Custom
Process Works

Our full service covers everything from picking out that perfect stone, to designing and creating a custom-made future heirloom.

Together we will create a piece that is like no other—just like the occasion you’re celebrating, whether it’s an engagement, anniversary, birthday or another life milestone. You are in the loop every step of the way.  

We offer several custom packages to meet your needs.  

- 1 -

Hand Sketch

- 2 -

CAD Rendering

- 3 -

Wax Models

- 4 -

Final Form

Partnership Rings

Rings to celebrate your union.

Partnership rings embody your union. They mark the beginning of a journey. Or a recommitment to one another. Or an important milestone. They hold what you love most about your partner. They are the circle of trust that surrounds you.

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Bespoke Creations

Bring your idea to life

Creating a bespoke piece is about discovery. Together we explore the synchronicity and surprise of the design process.

We begin with initial inspiration - an event, an idea, a feeling. We do research: browsing images to pinpoint the elements of design you love. From rendering to wax model to final form — we are side-by-side in the design process. The result is a future heirloom that’s striking, unexpected, and one-of-a-kind. 

Reimagined Heirlooms

Jewelry evolves as you do. 

Heirlooms are the story of a family. They can feel sacred and untouchable. If the heirloom doesn’t fit our style, it hides in a box, collecting guilt. Instead, let’s give your family story a new chapter. Wearable and fresh, the new heirloom brings your family story out of the jewelry box and into the world.

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