Before and After: Citrine Love

Before and After: Citrine Love

Alison brought in a citrine ring that was very special to her. 

Here's her story:

"My grandfather (my dad's dad, Matey) bought this ring while he was on vacation, I think, in Israel. He bought one ring for each of his nieces, and he gave this one to my dad's cousin, Marian. Marian is one of my dad's only living relatives--she is 101 years old. She grew up in Pittsburgh with my dad, but lived in DC most of her life. I visited with her a lot while I was young and as an adult while I lived in DC. Marian did not have a nice relationship with her parents, and Matey was like a father to her. She treasured the ring and gave it to me one of the last times I saw her."

During the design exploration, we landed on a pendant as the best way to preserve the stone.  It was then encased in a rippled bezel of 18K Yellow Gold and attached with a removable bail clasp.  That way, the pendant can continue to evolve and modify as Alison's style changes.  She can wear it on a simple chain, or a strand of pearls.  The adjustable bail gives it so much versatility. 

Finished piece!

Thank you, Alison, for allowing us to transform this special stone for you.  

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