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Client Care

Jewelry Care

We put care into designing and creating your jewelry, and you put care into choosing the pieces that reflect your style and personality. Make sure you keep your fine jewelry as beautiful as you with some simple tips on how to care for it.

Care for fashion jewelry is similar to that of fine jewelry. Please be advised that fashion jewelry will naturally wear over time.

Servicing for Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth and are uniquely resistant to damage by heat or scratching. That said, diamonds are not indestructible. They can chip and break and are especially vulnerable at the girdle. Having diamonds set in a relatively protective setting, can help keep them safe. 

When wearing your diamonds, you should be conscious of it on your finger, removing it when doing any type of activity that might expose it to a rough substance or a hard blow. For example, this might include gardening, doing the dishes, intense exercise, etc. 

We recommend having your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year to maintain the quality of your piece.  

Standards of Excellence
At Nolan Jewelry we believe three main factors contribute to our high standards of quality and excellence: raw materials, style and design, and craftsmanship. This is why we use only the best materials and craftsmen when making our unique, custom designs.

All Nolan jewelry is nickel-free. Why is this important? Nickel is an alloy commonly used in white gold, but it is also a common allergen. Instead of nickel, in our 14 and 18 karat white gold we use palladium, an alternative alloy that is a bit heavier than nickel. Not only is palladium white gold considered a precious metal, but it is naturally hypoallergenic and it holds its white color better. We work with all precious metals including 14 and 18 karat gold as well as platinum.

Most importantly, all of our precious metals and gemstones are ethically sourced. In an effort to combat human exploitation, environmental damage, and the devastation of conflict or blood diamonds we are committed to finding high-quality, raw materials that are guaranteed to be ethically sourced. The gemstones and precious metals used by Nolan Premium Accessories are free from violence, abuse, and human rights violations, and are produced with minimal impact to the environment.

When choosing a diamond, in addition to the source of the diamond, we are also keenly aware of the Four Cs of diamond quality: karat, color, clarity, and cut. A diamond's sparkle, brilliance, beauty, and value weigh heavily on these four standards. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our diamonds and other gemstones as well as help you choose loose stones.

We are also proud that we maintain production in the U.S.A. Because we put so much thought and care into each of our designs we choose to honor them with the same level of attention to detail in their manufacturing. We work with the best goldsmiths and craftsmen to hand craft all of our designs. In doing so, we support local businesses, help reduce our environmental footprint, and foster a time-honored, American tradition of craftsmanship.

Nolan means beauty.
Nolan means elegance.
Nolan means quality.

Terms of Service

Refunds & Exchanges

All sales are final and Nolan cannot be held responsible for damage to jewelry resulting from careless wear or inadequate care once in the client’s possession. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with your order, contact us within ten days of receipt to arrange for an exchange. In the rare instance of manufacturing defects, please contact us immediately to discuss exchange options. Please note that custom pieces are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Each order is carefully packaged and insured to ensure safe delivery — and for your peace of mind.  A signature is required for any order over $500. 

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Terms & Conditions

Nolan Jewelry retains full unrestricted rights to all jewelry designs, whether custom or standard, and may choose to market jewelry based on these designs at its sole discretion. We will gladly perform any needed repairs at no costs for up to thirty days after purchase. After thirty days, please contact us to discuss repair options and fees.