Before & Afters

Together, we will take your gemstone and create an evolution in its history.

We’ll examine the piece, and creatively work the stone into a new setting. We can maintain the integrity of the original design, but update it to your current style.

Ready to get started on your own reimagined heirloom?

Ruby Renovation

Inspired by the shape of a ballerina's tutu, The Ballerina Ring setting first came on the scene in the 1950s. Using clusters of diamonds that would lie just so next to each other.

This customer came to me with a request to make a pendant out of her ring that she no longer wore. There were just enough round diamonds to make a different cluster around the beautiful ruby.  


Three Generations

Before this ring was a dated 3 stone ring style that was past down from a grandmother to a mother then to a daughter. The piece held so much meaning, but not being worn it just sat in a box and wasn't appreciated. Now, the stones carry the story on and its a daily reminded of the 3 generations of women who are all connected. 


An Emerald Engagement

Using colored stones in an engagement ring is one of my favorite things to do. Even better? Using an emerald that had been passed down in the husband’s family. It was set in a dated ring, surrounded by several smaller marquise and round diamonds. The style was retro and cool, but it needed a refresh and a new setting that better signified the couple’s upcoming union.

A halo was on the must-have list and the couple was also expecting their 1st child, so it was important to have something that represented the soon to be family of 3. We set 3 marquise diamonds on each side of the ring and surrounded the emerald with a mix of marquise and round stones. Set it all in 18K White Gold for a fabulous new beginning! 


Well Traveled Stones

A couple came to me with a unique idea: they wanted to use an heirloom ring with emeralds and a bi-colored tourmaline that the woman’s mother collected on a trip to Brazil many years ago in an engagement ring.

We set it in rose gold to bring out the warm tones in the tourmaline and kept some art deco elements in the design to honor the history of how far this stone has traveled.


A Trilliant Idea

A dear friend came to me with some jewelry that she didn’t wear anymore and wanted to create some new designs with the stones. It was important to find a way to create some complimentary looks that she could give to her two daughters.

As we went through her inventory of outdated jewelry, the trillion stones stood out to us. The three sided shape to represent these three women and their love for each other. The daughters input was that they wanted a snake design for their rings, but their mother liked designs that are more structured and architectural. To satisfy everyones desires and to keep the three looks cohesive, I created these three rings. 



We continued to explore other ideas with the remaining trillion stones and baguettes. I used the pendant and the ring to make a pair of studs that she could wear everyday. We had to cut the diamonds slightly to match in size and used the remaining tapered baguettes to make some dangling jackets to add to the studs for a night out.


Jewelry evolves as you do.

My mother inherited a collection of bracelets and rings. They meant a lot to her, but weren't quite my mother’s style. So together we took the stones and redesigned them into a set of matching necklaces. She wears hers, I wear mine. When it’s on, I think of the line of women who loved and shaped me. I imagine passing the necklace on to my own daughter.