Reimagined Heirlooms

Together, we will take your gemstone and create an evolution in its history.

We’ll examine the piece, and creatively work the stone into a new setting. We can maintain the integrity of the original design, but update it to your current style.

Ready to get started on your own reimagined heirloom?

The Galaxy Ring

They have found each other and a life together.  With the whole galaxy on her hand.    

Carly sent us a whole lot of heirloom jewelry and said go for it!  It was a little daunting at first - where to begin!  It was a careful procedure getting the stone placements and measurements just right.  It was an honor to create this for the lovely couple.  


symbols of change 

We took a large gold cross studded with diamonds and two matching studs -- all of the larger diamonds happened to be all the same size!  It was clear they were all meant to be together.  8 of them all together, we set in our signature closed back bold setting, linked together with hand pulled 18K gold wire.  The necklace collar drapes fluidly around the neck.  


Grandmother's earring evolution

These were well preserved, well maintained ruby and diamond earrings that were just never going to be worn.  The rubies were a vibrant red which we set in a rich 18K yellow gold in a bypass bowl setting ring, keeping both the stones together and connected.  

The remaining diamonds we used in an eternity band to wear alone or paired together.   We are so delighted at how this transformation turned out!


Chapter 45

As it goes, some couples don't always agree on everything.  Even after 45 years of marriage.  To celebrate, the husband wanted to use blue sapphires to mark the occasion.  The wife was a little hesitant to wear sapphires everyday.  We came up with a plan to please both: a diamond engagement and wedding band set with a sapphire jacket to wear on occasion.   

We reset her original 2 ct center stone with channel set diamonds into a 4 prong solitaire setting and used the remaining accent diamonds and the ones in her original band to create a tapered split prong eternity band.  The jacket is comprised of 2 pear shaped sapphires set in 18K gold baskets affixed to a platinum band to tie everything together.


Ruby Renovation

Inspired by the shape of a ballerina's tutu, The Ballerina Ring setting first came on the scene in the 1950s. Using clusters of diamonds that would lie just so next to each other.

This customer came to us with a request to make a pendant out of her ring that she no longer wore. There were just enough round diamonds to make a different cluster around the beautiful ruby.  


Diamonds to Warm your Soul

Are diamond studs a thing of the past for you?  Here's a great idea of how to update them into a current look.  

We'll replace your standard basket settings into our signature bowl setting charm with a closed back.  The charms can be worn with any of our hoops and huggies and with the addition of a link clasp, you can wear them as pendants or as a charm on a bracelet.  

Settings start at $750 with your choice of hoop. 


A Cherished Stone

This heirloom ring was reimagined into a beautiful new custom wedding set.  The original ring belonged to the bride's mother.

She chose to use the center stone to be set in a delicate bezel in a statin finish.  Her wedding band is a nesting band that locks in place.  

We just love the way this sweet set turned out!  She'll have a piece of her mother to wear on her hand for all times.  (The extra two diamonds will be tucked away for a future project).  


A Trilliant Idea

A dear friend came to us with some jewelry that she didn’t wear anymore and wanted to create some new designs with the stones. It was important to find a way to create some complimentary looks that she could give to her two daughters.

As we went through her inventory of outdated jewelry, the trillion stones stood out to us. The three sided shape to represent these three women and their love for each other. The daughters input was that they wanted a snake design for their rings, but their mother liked designs that are more structured and architectural. To satisfy everyones desires and to keep the three looks cohesive, we created these three rings. 


Jewelry evolves as you do.

My mother inherited a collection of bracelets and rings. They meant a lot to her, but weren't quite my mother’s style. So together we took the stones and redesigned them into a set of matching necklaces. She wears hers, I wear mine. When it’s on, I think of the line of women who loved and shaped me. I imagine passing the necklace on to my own daughter.

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