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Queen of Hearts

I make jewelry.  And when I'm done making jewelry, I make more jewelry...and then I cook and craft.  

But baking?  Nah, hasn't ever really been my thing.  Cake decorating?  Now, that I'm into.  I took a stab at it for my Aunt's 70th birthday celebration.  My cousin and I worked on this cake all weekend with the help from other family members.  I still can't believe we pulled it off!

Here's me, carefully and seriously placing fondant hearts all around our three tiered chocolate and buttercream cake.  

The finished product!  The perfectionist in me is going to keep quiet because, for a first timer, I think it turned out great.  

The theme for the birthday party was "A very merry UN-birthday" because her actual birthday was a couple months ago.  So we made a cake that was fit for the queen that she is.  <3


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