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New Fan. Same Zip.

So, I ran into Jessica Stroup the other day while she was walking down the street.  This is a typical thing in LA.  I was a HUGE fan of the original 90210 back in the day, so when the new one came on the air, I of course made it a regular thing in my weekday tv watching.  I always thought Jessica (who plays silver) was so pretty and out of all the new characters, I feel like I know her the best ;).  She's David Silver's all grown up baby sister, of course!!  He was definitely my 90210 crush.  When my friends and I on the elementary school playground (do the math) got to pick only one of the guys on the show -- he was my pick.  Anyway, back to Jessica.  I stopped her and introduced myself, showed her the Big Love ring that I wear all the time and she went nuts for it!  I gave it to her right off my hand and said, "Here!  Its yours!"  After I walked away I thought to myself, she must think who is this crazy lady, I was just being polite.  But then a few days later I got an email from her telling me that she wore it on set and the costume designer loved it, too!  It gets better.  Watch episode 9 of this season and you'll get to see her wearing it on air!  Stoked!  Here is a preview pic of her on set:


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